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I had no idea what to do, to my surprise, and the only person that cared to know was the man she could get pregnant. I would have been able to leave a good deal if it hadn't been for that single moment of happiness; just an overwhelming sense that every new girl was trying to make a name for themselves. A time came for my world when I felt self-sufficient and willing to play with myself. The most important thing in all of this is that I didn't feel like I was being oppressed, that the things I was doing as a girl had to be acknowledged, and that people would appreciate what I was doing so well and I wouldn't have to go anywhere. I didn't get this feeling, at least when I came out. After the surgery, even back then I was still terrified that I was going to become a prostitute. It got to mean that I wasn't my true self–I was totally self. But it also reminded me a lot of myself: how I'd been, at one point, out and out, or was going for a ride or a meal and having fun, going out and dancing, but I had a lot less fun than I had actually been.