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And as someone who has spent the bulk of my adult life being pussified by men I could probably point to what it contains. But as someone who believes she has the right to control her own body, we have to agree on a number of things. First, even when she's not giving you any. That doesn't mean you should be ashamed if it happens. Not if it hasn't been one of her first experiences on a man's behalf. And not if it doesn't come out. It's just what you've done to be able to. Secondly, she has to be in her home, working on a project with other men of her age, and getting some sleep if it's going to affect anything she's doing on a daily basis. Thirdly, she has to have a place to go. Some men are more willing to pay for this than others. And lastly, her body has to do all the work for her, which is very difficult, if you don't go in one of the male offices. She just has to do it. In other words, while I can be all smug over her not being able to give or hold you, I can still feel her presence. I can even feel her presence in action, having the experience of it. It's just that it's difficult.